About Us

Our name RayLign originated from three foundational concepts. The first is “Rogers And You” considering the intimate and authentic client-oriented culture that was initiated by our Founder, and fostered by our professional team. The second is “Lign”, highlighting the application of systems thinking and stakeholder alignment, essential to everything we do. Thirdly, a “Ray of light” that metaphorically considers the synthesis of a full array of different ideas and perspectives (full spectrum of colors creates light), illustrative of the open-mindedness and flexibility that contributes to sustainable well-being.


Greg’s experiences from his own family investment consulting business, as builder of a global strategic consulting organization, and as leader of a publicly traded family enterprise, shaped RayLign’s commitment to Alignment. This philosophy is grounded by four principles that drive our own practices, and set expectations for our client relationships toward values, leadership, culture and structural alignment. We believe our firm has an unmatched understanding of how family members interact around shared ownership, and the vulnerabilities that arise toward building a cross-disciplinary web of oversight and advisory relationships. We draw from our hands-on experiences in strategy development, financial framing, process management, and human dynamics to offer our clients practical and actionable advice to the issues they face, all in the spirit of sustainability and well-being through the generations.

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